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Tennis Book — Unlimited Doubles!!

Finally... a "SYSTEM" for out-playing your opponents in tennis. Anytime. Anywhere. GUARANTEED.


Looking for a secret weapon to help you win more doubles matches? You've just found it!

Unlimited Doubles!! caters to every ability level because it starts at the beginning and builds your doubles game all the way to the most advanced techniques.

Before you can win, you must stop losing. We'll begin with the basics of how to be consistant and "not lose". Then, once we have a solid foundation, we can build the more sophisticated techniques like poaching and handling lobbers.

With Unlimited Doubles!! you'll learn a simple "SYSTEM" to know exactly where to be and what to do at all times during the match.




Introduction (view)  
1. Victory Awaits (view) How to ensure you finish on top.
2. Consistency (view) How to build a consistent game.
3. Where Am I? How to master court positioning.
4. Don't Be Nice How to hit away from your opponents.
5. Moving With The Flow How to ensure fluid movement.
6. The Three Zones How to stay on schedule to win.
7. Choose Your Weapon How to end the point.
8. What Are They Up To? How to anticipate your opponent's every move.
9. The Lead Off How to win your service games.
10. The Reply How to break your opponent's serve
11. Crush It How to hit and handle the lob game.
12. Taking What Isn't Given How to poach.

"I purchased Unlimited Doubles!! and have read it three times (some sections more). It is EXCELLENT and is on the shelf right next to the old, old "The Game of Doubles in Tennis" by Talbert and Olds. It's publication date of 1956 will give you some idea of how long I have been a doubles fan and player. I am a USPTR instructor (pro rating) and conduct clinics with adults at various levels. I recommend your book to each of my classes even though their shot making ability needs improvement. Good Luck and thanks for the worthwhile contribution to the doubles game."
Jerry O'Hara- U.S.P.T.R, Palt, PA

"Congratulations to Steve Tourdo on his EXCELLENT book, Unlimited Doubles. I am impressed with its simplicity and "presentation", but even more with the progressions and descriptions of the basics necessary for understanding and playing successful doubles. It is a "must read" for the serious tennis player who is looking for a quick, easy-to-remember reference of doubles play."
Dick Gould- Stanford Men's Tennis Coach (more testimonials)

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