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Free Tennis Tips

  Subtle adjustments in your game can make all the difference.

You're a self-directed tennis player- it's not your style to keep a teaching pro on your regular payroll. You much prefer to pick up a tennis tip here or there and implement it yourself while your unsuspecting opponents wonder what hit them.

Enjoy the tips. Check back periodically for additional posts.


General/Singles Doubles

Tip #1- How to improve.

Tip #6- The Role of the Receiver
Tip #2- Managing Unforced Errors Tip #7- Who Takes the Middle?
Tip #3- The Right Shot Type Tip #8- Partner Won't Come to Net
Tip #4- You Don't Need To Hit Hard Tip #10- Beating Players in Mid-Court
Tip #5- Master of the Warm-Up Tip #11- Partner Makes Bad Calls
Tip #9- Hitting With Depth Tip #12- Opponents Won't Hit To You


Unlimited Strokes!! Tennis Instruction Doubles
Format: DVD
Length: 52 minutes
Levels: All levels
Focus: Groundstrokes,
Volleys, Serve

Format: Book or PDFs
Length: 136 Pages
Levels: All levels
Focus: Holding Serve, Breaking Serve & more


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