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Tennis Tip #6 - The role of the receiver.

  Crosscourt is the primary target for return of serve..

What is the role of the receiver when returning serve in doubles? This is a tactical question that's easy to answer once we lay some foundation. The receiver is the first player on your team to touch the ball. Therefore, it's important that he doesn't miss the return. Miss means to not hit the chosen target. So let's explore targets for a moment.

If you're a player who is happy just to get the return over the net, that's fine. What YOU need is some stroke production help with return of serve so you are equipped to choose smaller targets.
For players skilled enough to be more specific, there are three targets:
1. Crosscourt
2. Down the line
3. Lob over the net player
(These targets are all defined by the opposing net player's position.)

The server is attempting to hold serve and is expected to do so. To hold serve he must play more shots than the serve to win the point. The second shot of which is the most critical. When the server doesn't have to play a second shot after the serve, he is at a strong advantage. If the receiver misses the return, no second shot need be played.

The role of the receiver is to put the ball in play. Once you've established your ability to do that, your role is to play to one of the three targets that's most effective in the moment. Normally, that will be the crosscourt return- ideally kept low at the server's feet. If the opposing net player is actively covering the net position, the receiver may have to play some lobs and down the line shots to keep the net player honest.

The primary role of the receiver is to keep the ball in play, mostly crosscourt and low. This situation enables your net player to be most effective. Sounds simple- and it is.

Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo



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