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Lesson 7- Who takes the ball in the middle?

  The middle MUST be covered in high-level doubles.


Who should take the ball in the middle? I’ve heard dozens of answers to that question and they all make sense on some level. However, for most answers to work you need special situations to exist. For example: if you think the forehand should take the ball in the middle, what happens when you have a right handed player and a leftie playing together and there is no forehand in the middle? If you say the person closest to the net should take it, what if you’re side by side? Each little rule creates doubt and therefore hesitation while the players verify that the rule is appropriate for the circumstances. This is not a good situation.

So I’m going to give you an understanding rather than a rule and your problem will be solved quickly and easily. Before we can discuss who will take the ball in the middle, we need to lay some foundation.

So I have a question for you:
What are you doing when the opponent is getting ready to strike the ball?

You need the answer to that question before you’ll understand the proper answer to: Who takes the ball in the middle?

Take some time to think about this- what are YOU doing when your opponent is about to hit the ball?

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