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Lesson 9 - Hitting with depth.

  Targets have two coordinates.

Often players hit short and invite their opponents to attack. Let's understand how simple it is to keep your shots deep when you want to.

Targets have two coordinates:
1. Left / Right
2. Deep / Short.

You're missing the Deep / Short aspect of accuracy.

TO increase your Deep / Short accuracy; just extend your follow through a little more in the direction of your target. Make the ball to travel further. This is no different than throwing a crumpled piece of paper into the trash can. If you come up short, you don't need to change your whole throwing technique- you merely need to make it go a little further.

Choose a deep target and extend your follow through up and out in the direction of your target. Your depth will improve like magic. It's that simple.

Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo




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