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Lesson 10- Beating players in "No Man's Land."

  Aim at foot depth.

Have you ever lost to a player who plays from no-man's land and runs you all over the court? Hitting drop shots doesn't work because your opponent is half way to the net already and lobbing doesn't work because he is too close to the baseline. What can you do?

Your opponent is playing from no-man's land because he does not move very well. Playing from the center of the court provides the best opportunity to reach your shots.

The disadvantage is that many balls land at his feet. This is how you need to exploit his court position.

To beat a player who plays from no-man's land you must bounce your shots at foot depth- this forces him to hit up. But even better than aiming for his feet is to aim foot-depth but into the openings to either side. This forces him to move AND hit up. To do this, you must have good control of the depth of your own shots.

Once you've hit low and created an opening, move toward the net and play your next shot into the opening you created or angle the ball off the court.

Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo




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