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Lesson 12- The opponents won't hit to you.

  Sometimes you need to find the action.

There's nothing more frustrating than being invited to play doubles and never seeing a ball because your partner is weaker than you. Here's what you can do when your opponents hit most of the balls to your partner in doubles:

Even when playing with a partner of the same gender, the opponents rarely view both partners as equal. Once you've been identified as the stronger player, the opponents will not hit you the ball- so you have to go get it.

Taking balls intended for your partner is called "poaching". Begin by positioning yourself closer to the net than your partner. This almost guarantees the opponents will avoid you. When the hitting opponent begins his shot, move out and take the ball.

So next time you're bored because you're not getting any action, practice your poaching. But when you do poach, try to do at least as much damage as your partner could have or they'll get mad at you for taking their shots!

(FYI-Unlimited Doubles!! has a whole chapter on poaching).

Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo


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