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Tennis Instruction DVD- Unlimited Strokes!!

How to add accuracy, consistency and power to your tennis strokes.

Unlimited Strokes takes the mystery out of high-level hitting so you too can have accurate, consistent, powerful strokes.

•Want some topspin on your backhand?
•Ever wondered how to add power?
•Need a serve that goes where you aim it?

•What about improving that volley?

•Want to improve your strokes?


"Unlimited Strokes made me a better player immediately. I recommend your teaching concepts and DVD to anyone at any level. Your concepts and explanations work, and they work fast! It paid for itself in the first viewing."

Frank Ramsey- #2 Mens 55 Singles 2003 in Louisiana (read more testimonials)

Unlimited Strokes!! is an instructional tennis DVD that will teach you to hit beautiful smooth strokes as seen in this example video..Watch carefully and you will notice how smooth, effortless and efficient the hitting technique is. This DVD will break down the hitting process into simple components you can easily understand and duplicate. If you've ever wondered how the pros look so effortless, watch the DVD and find out!

UNLIMITED STROKES!! is here for you. Don't wait another day to get your game on track.

Unlimited Strokes!! Unlimited Strokes!!
Format: DVD
Regions: Viewed on all DVD players worldwide. Mac/PC
Length: 52 minutes
Level: All Levels
Focus: Groundstrokes, Volleys, Serve

"I recently purchased your Unlimited Strokes DVD and I wanted to thank you for making an excellent video! It has helped my tennis significantly in the three short weeks I have owned it. I need to thank you for Unlimited Doubles too! I've had it for 4 years and it is the best doubles book I've ever seen."
Ron West , 4.0 - Augusta, MI

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